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Our Services

Siltex Australia’s Service Department has a team of highly trained and experienced technicians available to carry out all of your sterilizer servicing requirements.  Sterilizer validations and general services can be carried out on site, with a fully equipped factory to handle any larger repairs or upgrades. Our manufacter in Italy has trained key Siltex staff in the service and repair of their sterilizers, and we are fully stocked with spare parts and loan units to handle any issues you may have.  We are contactable during business hours for any technical advice or queries you may have on the operation of your unit.

Loan units

Our stock of loan units are available if your sterilizer is out of action to ensure that you have no interruption to your sterilizing capabilities. These are available for delivery by our technicians in Melbourne, or can be freighted out Australia wide if required.

Australia wide support network

Over the last 42 years of manufacturing and sales Siltex have developed an Australia wide network of Authorised Service Agents who can carry out servicing and repairs on our current and previous range of sterilizers.  Please contact us to find your local Service Agent.

Listed below are the types of services and tests that can be carried out by our technicians.

General Service

A general service is required to be carried out 12 months by trained technicians, but is recommended to be carried out every 6 months. It involves checking and replacing the door seal if required, then running a full sterilizing and drying cycle with a bacterial indicator vial and monitoring pressure and temperature to ensure sterilization is being achieved.

Chamber Study

A chamber or heat distribution study determines the coldest part in the chamber during a normal sterilizing cycle to ensure that all parts of the chamber achieve the required temperature. It is performed by trained technicians once in the life of the sterilizer or after major repairs have been carried out on the unit.

Time At Temperature/Heat Penetration Study

A ‘Time At Temperature’ test or ‘Heat Penetration’ study is required by Australian Standards 4187 and 4815 to be carried out by trained technicians on units once every 12 months. This is performed by carrying out temperature monitoring of your hardest to sterilize pack in your largest or most difficult to sterilize load. We will then recommend sterilizing times to ensure that the minimum sterilizing requirements are being met with an additional safety margin.

Process Validation

A process validation is required by Australian Standards 4187 and 4815 to be carried out on units once every 12 months. This can be performed by our technicians or clinic staff, and involves running three consecutive cycles with two bacterial indicator vials per cycle (one in the cold spot and one in the ‘challenge’ pack) to ensure that proper sterilization is being achieved on a consistent basis. The vials are then incubated to monitor consistent sterilization.

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